Npower-Nexit In December: FG To Start 5 Plans For A,B, C1, & C2

As the month of December run close, the Federal Government has concluded 5 crucial plans on the Nexit package, deployment regarding the A/B/C1, and increasing Npower by 5 million.

The month of December holds great tidings and hopes for batch A/B/C1 of the Npower Programme In line with president Buhari’s agenda to lift 100 Million Nigerians (mostly youths) out of Poverty, will be putting to test these numerous plans from December 2021 to January 2022 If you want to know what these plans are.

You have to follow this post till the end of the last word, the post promise not to be boring or lengthy like others.

Warning- these plans are not new to Nigerians and are more of the poster’s opinion, please take this as a guide of what to expect in the Npower program come December 2021 to January 2022.

As we all know, the Federal government is doing all she could to lift the Nigeria Youths out of the street, many wonders plan are already on the pipe This post will single-out plans FG has regarding the Npower and Nexit Program for Batch A/B/C1 and an additional 5 million increase proposal.

FG To Increase Npower Numerical Strenght By 5Million

Batch C stream 2 and other batches will start hearing good news as FG has given the office of the Humanitarian Minister orders to increase the number of beneficiaries by 5millon.

What this means, is that more youths will be onboarded in the program, batch c2 will come in, in the wee months of 2022, and Nasim portal will equally be opened for massive application who aspire to be in the Npower program

Batch C Stream 1 Will Be paid November Stipend in December

Batch C stream 1 is not to be anxious about the stipend, as their November stipend will come much later in December

Batch C1 has received its October stipend in November, the trend continues that way.

We employ batch C1 to make good use of their stipend, as this opportunity is limited to 12 months, the ball is already ticking and by September 2022, the game will be over Some batch A and B beneficiaries made good investments of their 40 and 24 months stipend respectively, even when the program was halted, some are not regretting it.

Be wise and make the right decision while the sunshine, the night is coming, when the government will limit this opportunity

5 Months Stipend (N150, 000) of Batch A and B Will get Attention December Due to some technical issues and bank statement verification, the office of the Accountant General of the Federation was unable to pay over 9000 batch A and B volunteers, but this matter is on the verge

of being resolved According to a statement signed by the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Bashir Nura Alkali, on Friday, stated that N150, 000.00 each will be paid to 9,066 volunteers, representing 5 months

allowances, while the allowances of 4,955 volunteers will be withheld, pending the conclusion of further investigation.

What we know is that over N1.3B have been released to this effect, and in no distant time, all the issues surrounding the controversial payment would be a thing of the past Batch A and B affected should be rest assured, no one will siphon the fund released for this purpose, all payment will be made after investigation

Nexit CBN loan Training and Disbursement to Commence

The long-awaited loan from the central bank regarding the nexit programme will have some effect this December, interesting press statements will be released as the month come near Batch A and B volunteers would be instructed on the next level of the programme

All N-Power Batches A and B are advised to make ready their login details, as information regarding the N-EXIT package might be sooner than expected.

“If you have forgotten your password and username, start searching for it because it is a necessary credential for the N-Power N-EXIT package as this will be used to login into the loan portal.

“A few months ago the Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs revisited the issues surrounding the N-Power Batch A and B and that issue will be resolved very soon.

“The breakdown of the N-Power N-EXIT package is still unclear, but there are hints that it will be a soft loan given to all exited N-Power beneficiaries”-Ezenwaeze.

Npower nexit portal for unregistered volunteers will officially close.

The new secured portal recently opened for unregistered volunteers will be officially shut as the month of December ends.

Unregistered volunteers are to take this last opportunity given them and register for the nexit CBN loan programme according to the spoke person of the humanitarian minister, ngozi nkem, any volunteer who fails to

show his/her interest in the loan programme by registering on the nexit platform, would themselves to blame. So make hay, while the sun still shines.

Reasons For Failed Npower Payment Status

No Payment Data Available Fixed On NASIMS Portal

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