Reasons For Failed Npower Payment Status


See Reasons For Failed Npower Payment Status and Solution

This post is about Npower News, possible reasons for failed Npower Payment Status and what you can do to solve the problem.

We bring to you the possible reasons why some of you are seeing failed on your Npower Payment Status so read on and do not forget to share this post with other Npower Beneficiaries.

While Nasims is tirelessly working to bring lasting solution to this issue ‘FAILED’ payment status recently encountered by some beneficiaries after they have ascertained the possible cause and way out, we will highlight what might have transpired.

It is no longer news that Npower has begun paying Npower beneficiaries.

However, as the payment continued, some beneficiaries were told that the reason why they are yet to be paid is that they are yet to validate their account on Nasims portal and are instructed to validate their account by editing their profile to add BVN record or call the nasims support line via the numbers below.

Though Npower has sent payment to Beneficiaries bank for disbursement and some beneficiaries payroll status has been on processing mode for the past 1 week.

These categories of beneficiaries whose account is not validated might get failed payment status which simply means your bank tried to pay you but the payment failed because of one issue or the other which Nasims will be addressing tomorrow.

If you fall under the categories of those with failed payment status, kindly remain calm. Nasims team will be sharing a post on the cause and possible solutions.

Meanwhile, you can contact Nasims agents for your validation, via these numbers: 092203102, 018888340, and willingly release the information as requested if your account details are not correct. If however, their helplines are irresponsive when you call, please keep calling or try back at intervals.

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