N-Power Beneficiaries to be paid 9 Months of Missed Money


The government will begin compensating participants in the N-Power program.

Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, the leader of N-power, spoke about it in Abuja. He stated that the program was temporarily halted in order to address issues, particularly late payments.

They now have money to pay because they double-checked everything and made some changes. They will pay the money for the 9 months they missed beginning in November 2023. They will pay in installments.

Dr. Egbuwalo promises to be forthright and honest in all matters. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has devised a fresh strategy. The Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme will replace this Npower program. They hope to assist 5 million people in the next five years. 1 million young individuals will join each year.

Sani Garba, who is part of the program, said they were worried about the late payments. Some people even wanted to protest. But now, they understand and trust the government’s plan.

The people in the program are happy with this news. They hope everyone will get the help they need from the government’s new plan

Nigerian Government Promises to Pay 8 Month Unpaid NPower Payment

The Nigerian government, led by Bola Tinubu, has promised to pay N-Power participants the money they have been owed for the past eight months.

The administration halted the N-Power program last week. They claimed that there were fraudulent participants and that some consultants kept money that should have gone to participants.

Former President Muhammadu Buhari established the N-Power initiative. It was created to assist young people who are unemployed. Participants in the program receive N30,000 per month.

Akindele Egbuwalo, who manages N-Power, said that the government’s Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation has gotten some of the missing money back. At a meeting, he told the N-Power participants: “The good news is we’ve gotten the money back, and you’ll get your money soon. Those who haven’t been paid for eight months will start getting paid.”

Akindele also said that Dr Betta Edu, the Minister of Humanitarian affairs and Poverty Alleviation, is fixing problems in the program. She’s making sure that everyone gets their money and that the program works better in the future.

Two months ago, the group of N-Power people called “Batch C” wrote a letter to Tinubu. They were upset because they hadn’t gotten their money for eight months. Gbadebo Adesiyan, who speaks for this group, said not getting their money has been very hard for many people. He also said the government told them the delay was because the money wasn’t approved or sent to the right account.

N-Power Management Suggests N60,000 Monthly Stipend Increase

In the most recent Npower stipend payment update, N-Power management proposed raising the monthly stipend to N60,000 for participants in the revised Npower Skill Up Nigeria Program.

During a recent interview with Channels, Dr. Betta Edu, the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, revealed this. The current stipend is N30,000, but the ministry is considering a consolidated payout ranging from N50,000 to N60,000 for those who will benefit from the relaunched Npower Skill Up Nigeria Program, she said.

Dr. Edu added that the final decision regarding the stipend would be made in line with the forthcoming adjustments to the national minimum wage.

It’s worth mentioning that the Npower program is undergoing significant restructuring. The program, under its new leadership, is slated to relaunch in full swing by January 2024, once the restructuring phase concludes.

FG Increases NPower Age Limit to 40 Years

The federal government has raised the N-Power program’s age limit. Previously, only those aged 18 to 35 were eligible.

Now, individuals up to 40 years old can apply. This change aims to create five million job opportunities for young people in the next five years.

Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, the N-Power National Programme Manager, addressed concerns about the program’s recent suspension. He explained that this pause was part of a plan to revamp and expand the N-Power program.

The new approach will seek to enroll one million new participants annually for the next five years, allowing a wider age range to join.

Dr. Egbuwalo emphasized that the improved N-Power initiative would offer a broader range of programs, including education, health, construction, agriculture, technology, fashion, entertainment, and other skills that lead to employment.

He mentioned that going forward, the N-Power program would prioritize transparency and accountability. “We want to ensure the program is fair and honest,” he stated. This change comes in response to instances where some participants abused the system.

For instance, some participants ceased active participation in the program since 2022 but still expected to receive payments. Others failed to attend their assigned jobs but still received their monthly stipends.

Due to these issues, the program needed a temporary halt to conduct a comprehensive review. Dr. Egbuwalo affirmed, “We need to assess the program’s current participants, identify those who have left, determine outstanding payments, and verify job attendance.”

He assured that after this review, all honest participants with legitimate claims would receive the payments owed to them by the federal government

Npower News: Big Changes Bring 5 Million New Jobs for Nigerians

The Nigerian Federal Government has shared new plans for the N-Power job program. Their goal is to give jobs to 5 million young people in the next five years.

1. More Jobs:

The government wants to give jobs to 5 million people. This will help many young Nigerians.

2. Age Limit Change:

Before, people between 18 and 35 years old could join N-Power. Now, people up to 40 years old can join.

3. Message from N-Power Leader:

Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, who leads N-Power, talked about the changes. He said they paused the program to make it better.

4. More Job Areas:

N-Power will now have jobs in more areas like teaching, health, farming, and technology.

5. Clear Rules:

N-Power wants to be open and honest with everyone. They will make sure things are done right.


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