NPower Batch C: Outstanding Payment commenced


According to Nasims/Npower the good news has come that the payment of the outstanding September stipend to the unpaid beneficiaries has started.

It is informed to the concerned batch C1 beneficiaries that the payment of the outstanding September stipend has started In light of these updates, you are advised to monitor your account regularly so that you can be

credited without notice.

Correction of payment issues is still ongoing. Rest assured that all qualified

beneficiaries will be paid.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

In addition, our attention has just been drawn to a frivolous post in the social field announcing the start of Npower’s C2 selection and paying 500 ₦ for additional admission.

In fact, N-POWER / NASIM can never claim a cash benefit from applicants for inclusion in the list / shortlist of any program, as such a fraudulent approach runs counter to the purpose of the scheme and what we stand for.

Please reject such misleading chunk from clonal sites for hunting mollusks.

To this end, we will keep you informed that the selection of Batch C has not yet started. Stay in touch


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