How to write a good cover letter

The fundamentals of a cover letter

Why should a potential employer read your resume? Your cover letter should show:

  • why you’re interested in the job;
  • how your skills and experience are a good fit for the role; and
  • why an employer should read your CV.

Remember to spell-check and grammar-check your cover letter, send it as a Word document, then copy it into the message box of your email.

Make your cover letter easy to read.

Follow these methods to make your cover letter look professional:

  • use a single-size, black, easy-to-read font
    • use basic language and be kind and courteous
    • use positive keywords like “I have” and “I can” to explain facts;
    • avoid weak words like “some knowledge” or “very experienced” to express facts;
    • avoid beginning each sentence with “I”

In your cover letter, what should you include?

1. Get in touch with us

Start with your contact details. For instance,

James Long

1 Short Street


Auckland 2000

09 999 20089

Then there’s the deadline for sending the cover letter. Take, for example, January 10, 2022.

The name, organization, address, and email address of the advertiser are listed next. For instance,

Reginald Farmson

ABC Sales

89 Tuesday Road


Auckland 4545

2. Where to Begin

‘Dear…’ is a good place to start. Use the name that was given to you in the job advertisement. If there isn’t one, phone the company to ask for it, or use the company’s name.

Place the position information beneath the greeting. For example, I’m writing to apply for a Sales Assistant position at ABC Sales (number 40568) that was advertised on Trade Me.

3. Explain why you are interested in the job.

In the next paragraph, explain why you’re interested in the job and how you’ll fit into the firm. Be excited and use good language.

I’ve been a customer of ABC Sales for a long time and have always been satisfied with the level of service I’ve received. I am a dedicated and professional guy who believes I would fit in well with the company’s culture and contribute to the continued success of the sales department.

4. Match your skills and expertise to the job requirements.

In one paragraph, connect your experience, abilities, and qualities to the role. To demonstrate your idea, provide two or three key instances.

Look up the company on the internet and show how your expertise can help the company.

I worked as a sales assistant in a busy shoe store for the past two years, honing my customer service skills. I’m currently looking for a new challenge to help me grow my retail sales career.

To support my application, I’ve attached a copy of my CV. It illustrates that I will offer essential abilities to the work, including:

  • time management and strong organizational skills
  • exceptional customer service
  • cash handling and sales aptitude
  • motivation and determination

5. Insist on being contacted by the employer.

Finally, ask for a call from the employer to discuss your application further.

For example, I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you about my application and how I might be able to assist ABC Sales.

Thank you for your time in reviewing my application. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Sincerely

Long, James